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Marketing Your Business

Woman speaking
Q How do I determine what my market is or if there is a market for my product/service?
Q Where do I do this research?
Q Where can I find information on my industry?
Q How do I go about determining my customer profile?
Q Do I have competition and who is the competition?
Q How do I compare to my competition?
Q What is important to know about my trade area?
Q What is the market potential for my business and how much of that market can I expect to capture?
Q What are the four P's of marketing and why are they important?
Q I have all my research done. Now what do I do?

Starting a New Business


Man at work

Q I am thinking about starting a small business. Where do I start?
Q What does it take to run a small business? I don't know if I am "entrepreneurial".
Q What are some good businesses to start?
Q What type of business is least risky?
Q Do I need any licenses of permits?
Q Do I need any special insurance?
Q I am considering having a business partner. Is that a good idea?
Q What form of legal ownership is best?
Q Do I need a Business Plan?
Q How do I figure out how much money I'll need?
Q How do I finance my business?
Q Are there any grants to start a small business?
Q What do I need to do to hire employees?
Q Can I start a business part-time?
Q Can I work out of my home?
Q Do I need to know anything about technology (computers and the internet)?
Q Where can I get help with all this?



Woman at Computer

Q What does E-Business mean? Explain e-Commerce and m-Commerce.
Q What are some of the ways I can incorporate e-Business into my company?
Q I have an existing brick-and-mortar business. Should I venture into e-space?
Q I have a traditional business. What do online customers want?
Q What is the best way to keep up with trends in e-business?
Q What level of security is necessary for a small business with an e-business component?

People with Disabilities

Successful Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Speak Out
An article by START-UP USA, September 2007


Man in wheelchair

Q What is the best part of owning your business?
Q What were the major challenges to getting your business started?
Q What was the most important support service that you received when starting your business?
Q Now that you are successful, what would you have done differently?
Q How has owning a business helped you in your personal life?
Q What impact has owning a business had on your family?
Q What surprised you about owning your business?
Q What advice would you give to others who want to start a business?



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