The Sahara Bite of Morocco

Salam at work

When Salam Saoudi lost his job in the restaurant industry after 16 years, he turned this into an opportunity to pursue his dream of introducing Moroccan food to the mainstream public. "I thought, 'This is the time, while I still have energy'".

StartZone helped Salam develop a business plan with sound financial projections, analyze offers for the sale of existing restaurants, and negotiate a lease for his present location.

The Sahara Bite of Morocco opened at The Commons at Federal Way's food court early March 2010. The menu includes a variety of couscous, chicken, beef and vegetable dishes. Lamb dishes, such as Lamb Mrouzia and Lamb Kebabs, soup and salads are also on the menu.

When asked about his experience thus far, Salam says, "Challenging to say the's not easy to run a one man operation, but the feedback has been great". Salam hopes to expand his restaurant to other malls in the area.